In stock at Daytona Beach Drum Center, British Drum Company Maverick 14x6.5" 10-Lug Maple Snare Drum.

Meet your new workhorse! The British Drum Maverick snare drum is constructed of 10 plies of cold-pressed North American maple for maximum versatility! The drum is finished with an outer ply of Eucalyptus wood, ten chrome Palladium lugs, triple flanged hoops, and BDC's new Palladium strainer, all of which make quite an impression even before you hit the drum! With its rounded 30-degree edges, the North American maple shell will speak clearly and fully at any tuning range, making you want to play long after your band's set has ended! 

Specs and Features:

  • 14 x 6.5”
  • Remo USA heads
  • 2.3mm triple flange hoops 
  • 30º round-over bearing edges
  • 10-ply Maple shell with Eucalyptus outer veneer
  • Palladium lugs
  • BDC logo badge
  • Palladium strainer
  • Brass snare wires

British Drum Company Maverick 14x6.5" 10-Lug Maple Snare Drum, Eucalyptus Veneer