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Craviotto Custom Shop Maple - 12,14,20, 14x5.5 SD

Craviotto Custom Shop Maple - 12,14,20, 14x5.5 SD


All Custom Shop drums are made to exact specifications. You determine the size, bearing edges, inlay options, and the finish. Craviotto’s Custom Shop offerings feature our proprietary lugs, as well as the flawless workmanship that has made Craviotto Drums a legendary drum company. 

Craviotto Custom Shop drums provide unsurpassed tone, unequaled performance, and a one-of-a-kind instrument as original as the artist playing it. 


12x8 Maple with Hybrid Edges

14x5.5 Maple with Hybrid Edges

14x14 Maple with Hybrid Edges

20x14 Maple with Hybrid Edges

All drums and both bass drum hoops have maple inlay

New The Hybrid Bearing Edge

This innovative edge combines contemporary and classic concepts and creates a sound, response, and feel that maximizes the warmth of our solid shells.

Snare stands pictured are available but not included.

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