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Doc Sweeney Mahogany HolloCore - Satin oil finish 6.5x14

Doc Sweeney Mahogany HolloCore - Satin oil finish 6.5x14


In stock at Daytona Beach Drum Center, Doc Sweeney Mahogany HolloCore 


We’re continuously searching for ways to improve sound performance. Our latest endeavor is focused on creating enhanced sound with a radical change in shell structure.

Hypothesis: A hollow core shell will produce a more resonant and fat sounding snare drum

The design consists of solid batter and resonant bearing edge sections, with a hollow core made of thin internal and external walls that slip into joints on the bearing edge sections. We audio tested several variants of the design, including different bearing edges, shell thicknesses, lug layouts, and species. The outcome of those design and testing efforts is our new HOLLOCORE snare.


• 14” x 6.5” x 0.75” thick Maple stave shell with 30 degree rounded bearing edges • Inlays at the connecting points between hollow core and solid bearing edges
• Modern tube lugs with mounting points on the top and bottom inlays
• Die cast hoops — also available in 3 mm triple flange hoops

• Aquarian Super 2 batter and Aquarian Classic Clear snare side heads • Inde strainer on an aluminum bridge mount
• 16 strand wires
• Hand-rubbed oil finish

Batter Head

• Aquarian Super 2 — great body, feel, tone, and balance across the full tuning range. Cranks up well.

Optimum Bottom Head Tuning

Medium tuning — the drum maintains great articulation across the tuning spectrum, helps cut down on resonance buzz and sympathetic buzz, and more snare wire tension settings sound good with this setup.

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