In stock at Daytona Beach Drum Center, Sonor SQ2 Medium Maple in Birdseye Azure High Gloss w/ chrome hw. 10, 12, 16, 22 this kit is brand new and comes with everything pictured. A pair of brand new Sonor CTS4000 Cymbal Tom Stands are included with the listing. Sold Brand New including Sonor's Manufacturers warranty. This kit comes complete with Sonor's wooden "Thank You" set including warranty cards, sonor product info, and additional sonor goodies. 

Product Specs:
10" x 7"
12" x 8"
16" x 15" FT
22"x15" BD

All drums are medium maple outfitted with chrome hardware and square head tension rods. 

A.P.S gaskets (Advanced Projection System) and T.A.R mounts (Total Acoustic Resonance) makes these drums clear with full of tone and a wide tuning range. 
The High Gloss Azure is extremely deep with pronounced Birdseye clusters throughout. Sonor SQ2 Drums are truly some of the finest instruments in the world. 


UPID 1013104-2

Sonor SQ2 Medium Maple in Birdseye Azure High Gloss